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Learn how to say what you want to say, when you want to say it.

A new approach that will help you speak more fluently by replacing your stuttering with a new way of talking.

At-home excercises that make talking and speaking easier and more natural. 

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 About Me...

Mike Power, Stuttering Therapy

“I stuttered severely for 35 years. Today, I have been recovered for 20 years!  

I have been treating people who stutter for the past 25 years. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association awarded me Board Certification in Fluency Disorders (BCS-F) in 2001.  

Not only am I a Board Certified Stuttering Specialist and Fluency Specialist, but I limit my practice to treating only children and adults who stutter.  

The is what I LIVE & BREATHE. Let me help you today!"  


— Mark Power, Board Certified Stuttering Specialist

1. Teenagers 

Are you a teenager who stutters or hesitates when you speak? If you have bumps in your speech or find yourself getting stuck on certain sounds, know that you are not alone. Stuttering can be a challenge that affects our self-confidence and our ability to accomplish our goals.  

The program I use is called the “Stutter-Free Speech Program”; one of the most researched evidence-based treatments for teenagers and adults. My mission is to help restore your belief in your abilities and to help you communicate with confidence and more fluently.

2. Adults  

There are only a few research evidence-based stuttering treatment programs available to adults and teens; 1) MPI-2 (Modifying Phonation Intervals) Stuttering Treatment Program for Teens and Adults & 2) Stutter-Free Speech – a Prolonged Speech Program..  

I am certified to provide both programs, and also to train other professionals as stuttering specialists as well.


"Mr. Bean -- but it was acting that truly helped Atkinson free himself from his stutter. Bullied as a young man, the only time he didn’t stutter was on stage, where he became exceptional." ROWAN ATKINSON

"I struggled with it from the first time a teacher told me to stand up in front of my classmates at Stowe School and recite a poem. Being dyslexic, I really had a tough time whenever we had to do this. What’s more, our headmaster used to ring a gong whenever we paused too long or made a mistake, and then we were forced to march off the stage to a chorus of boos and jeers. I found myself being gonged offstage with depressing regularity. I eventually learned to convert the intense pressure I put on myself to do well into positive energy. Since I’m not gifted at reading off formal speeches, I treat the occasion as an informal conversation, which I am good at." SIR RICHARD BRANSON

“I was the other day on the set of Captain America, and they said 'Action!" and I said, 'G-g-g-et ...' It was a G day. So I have my days. I have G days, I have P days, I have B days, I have S days, and I'm still stuttering.” SAMUEL L. JACKSON

“I know what it’s like to be different and to sometimes not fit in.”…. “I also stuttered as a child and I would talk to my dog and he would sit there and listen until he fell asleep." TIGER WOODS

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